USED second

The original material from waste collection is scrupulously selected and subdivided by product typology.

The initial selection is made to separate clothing that can still be used from items that constitute raw textile materials to be recycled.

  • FIRST CHOICE: summer/winter/men/women/children/undergarments, of excellent/good quality, without particular signs or wear or defects. It can include new and/or designer clothing, with leading Italian and foreign company brands.
  • SECOND CHOICE: summer/winter/men/women/children/undergarments, lower quality relative to first choice, but still capable of being reused.
  • SHOES, BAGS, LEATHER GOODS: of 1st and 2nd choice.
  • HOUSEHOLD LINEN: curtains, sheets, bedcovers, tablecloths.
  • MATERIAL FOR EXPO: more worn items, for the most part light, not suitable for sale in Italy.
  • MATERIAL TO BE RECYCLED: synthetic items, wool, mattresses, cloth, Orlon etc., no longer reusable, appropriate for the industrial recycling market, with packaging in 250/300 Kg pressed bales.